Read Me - Abdollahi et al Neuroimage 2014

This README describes a freely available dataset on human retinotopy and myelin maps from Abdollahi et al., (2014, Neuroimage, PMID 24971513; The downloadable archive contains two components:

  1. Group-average retinotopic maps and myelin maps intended as reference data for various ongoing analyses (in the Human_Retinotopy_Myelin_ReferenceData/ directory).
  2. Data that replicates figures from the published paper (in the DataForFigures/ directory).

The data were generated using Connectome Workbench software and include ‘scene files’ that enable immediate visualization of published figure panels and useful reference data. The files are in gifti or cifti format. (Gifti versions of the cifti files are available as well in the gifti_label_func_files/ subdirectory, for use with platforms not yet cifti-compliant.)

Download the archive from compressed)

Before you can download the archive, you must first register or log in, and agree to the Open Access Data Use Terms for the Human Connectome Project, which can be done online by following the instructions.

To view the data in Connectome Workbench:

  1. Make sure Workbench is installed on your computer (
  2. Unzip into a suitable working directory (e.g., “PublishedDatasets/”).
  3. cd to the directory of interest (Human_Retinotopy_Myelin_ReferenceData/ or DataForFigures/).
  4. Launch Workbench by entering “wb_view” in the terminal or clicking on the wb_view icon within your OS applications or programs folder.
  5. Open the specification (‘spec’) file, select ‘Load Scenes’, then view the scenes of interest. For general instructions and guidance, download the Workbench tutorial and tutorial dataset from
  6. If you have general questions or need additional guidance, join hcp-users ( and post your questions there.

More about the Human_Retinotopy_Myelin_ReferenceData:

The reference data are provided in two ‘standard-mesh’ versions, ‘164k’ (high resolution, good for examining myelin maps and/or surface geometry) and ‘32k’ (lower resolution, matched to the HCP fMRI and diffusion MRI datasets). The 32k data are in the fsaverage_LR32k/ subdirectory.

For additional details about the fs_LR_164k and fs_LR_32k mesh and the cifti data format, see Glasser et al. (Neuroimage, 2013; PMID 23668970;

June 7, 2014