DIY fix for zeroes near medial wall in rfMRI dtseries data

A DIY fix of rfMRI time series data with empty vertices (timeseries = 0s) very near the medial wall is available using the command “-cifti-dilate” in wb_command. wb_command is a suite of command line utilities distributed as part of Connectome Workbench, our HCP visualization and analysis platform. The current distribution of Connectome Workbench is available for download at: .

Once you have Workbench installed, to get help/syntax for running this command, open a terminal window and type: 

wb_command -cifti-dilate 


Use the following settings to fully cover the missing vertices around the medial wall:

: COLUMN : 4 : 4   Assuming you are in the directory with the affected .dtseries.nii file in it,  run the command using the syntax:   wb\_command -cifti-dilate -nearest Example: wb\_command -cifti-dilate rfMRI\_REST2\_LR\_Atlas.dtseries.nii COLUMN 4 4 rfMRI\_REST2\_LR\_Atlas\_FIXED.dtseries.nii -nearest