Lifespan HCP Data Release Updates Known Issues and Planned fixes

The Lifespan Human Connectome Project (HCP) HCP-Aging and HCP-Development projects release imaging data collected on subjects on a regular basis. Details on what data is included in each release are available in the Reference Manual for that release on the Lifespan documentation page.  On this wiki page, we document known updates, data issues, bugs, and known missing files in the data distributed with each release and plans to fix or patch each bug. Date added is listed at the beginning of entries.

LS 2.0 Release (February 26, 2021)

Major Issues

  • 3/27/2023: **Subject HCD0026119 missing one resting state run in the unprocessed data**

The rfMRI_REST2_PA run is missing in the unprocessed dataset on NDA, but is present in the preprocessed dataset on NDA. The missing run was dropped from the unprocessed data upload unintentionally.

Planned fix:The missing unprocessed run will be included in the LS 3.0 release. We will incorporate extra checks for missing folders in the next round of uploads to NDA.

Minor Issues & Updates

  • 8/29/23: Incorrect values for tmta_raw & tmtb_raw for subject HCA9323978

The values for tmta_raw & tmtb_raw for subject HCA9323978 are too low to be reasonable for the Trails instrument. In the data cleaning between the LS2.0 and LS3.0 releases this was caught and corrected.

Planned fix:The correct data for this subject will be included in the LS 3.0 release.