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Here in the Human Connectome Project (HCP) Data repository, you will find additional resources that are updated between data releases and as issues are discovered. This content was originally on the HCP Data wiki that has now been retired. Full public pages information are in the Public Data folder. Detailed information on each data release is also available in the Documentation pages of the public HCP website for HCP-Young Adult, HCP-Aging, or HCP-Development.

Resources for Public HCP Data Users

Known Issues with HCP Lifespan Aging and Development Data

HCP Lifespan Subjects with Identified Quality Control Issues (QC_Issue_Codes explained)

Lifespan HCP Data Release Updates: Known Issues and Planned fixes

Known Issues with HCP Young Adult 3T & 7T Data

HCP-Young Adult Data Release Updates: Known Issues and Planned fixes

HCP Subjects with Identified Quality Control Issues (QC_Issue measure codes explained)


HCP-Users FAQ (applies for all HCP studies)

Citing HCP-Aging or HCP-Development

HCP-Young Adult MEG Data FAQ

Individual Subject Alpha and Beta Peak Frequency Determination

Joining HCP-Users and HCP-Announce Google Groups

Lifespan HCP Downloading from NDA

How to get data from the NDA using command line tools

Lifespan HCP Analysis

Lifespan Task Psychopy output Data Dictionaries

HCP-Young Adult Demographic and Behavioral Data Reference

HCP-Young Adult Data Dictionary Updated for the S1200 Subject Release

Summary Demographic Data for HCP Young Adult

HCP-Young Adult Data Acquisition

S1200 3T MRI Session Summary CSVs

HCP fMRI slice-timing acquisition parameters

Gradient Vector Direction table for HCP 3T dMRI

Gradient Vector Direction Table for 7T dMRI

S900 Unrelated Subjects CSV

Interval between Test and Retest Visits for HCP Retest Subjects

Intermittent orbitofrontal artifact affecting some fMRI scans

7T Movie watching task clip info, timing, versions shown per individual subject

HCP-Young Adult Analysis

Advice for FEAT Analysis of HCP task fMRI data

Advice on editing HCP tfMRI E-Prime Scripts

Task fMRI Contrasts

DIY fix for zeroes near medial wall in rfMRI dtseries data

Understanding Timing Information in HCP Physiological Monitoring Files

HCP-Young Adult Data Downloading on ConnectomeDB and via REST

How to Access Data on ConnectomeDB

How To Install the Aspera Browser Plugin

Aspera Plugin Help and FAQ

First time Aspera Setup Instructions

How To Handle Downloaded HCP Data

How to Create and Use Subject Keys in ConnectomeDB

How To Access Subject Data via REST

Accessing ConnectomeDB Resource Data without Aspera (REST)

HCP-Young Adult Data Connecting to and Downloading from Amazon S3

How To Connect to Connectome Data via AWS

How to Get Access to the HCP OpenAccess Amazon S3 Bucket

Using ConnectomeDB data on Amazon S3

HCP-Young Adult Data distribution via Connectome in a Box

Connectome In A Box Notice for the 1200 Subjects Data Release

How to Mount a Connectome In A Box drive in Windows

How to mount a Connectome In A Box Hard Drive in Mac OSX

Cloud Based Processing

Terms and Acronyms

How to Create an Amazon Web Services Account

How to Create an Ubuntu Instance in the AWS account that the NDA gives you when you request access to computational credits

Cloud-Based Processing using HCP Pipelines and Amazon Web Services

How to Create an EC2 instance for HCP Pipeline Processing

EC2 Beginner Startup Advice

HCP Course Materials

2019 Course Lecture and Practical PDFs

2018 Course Lecture and Practical PDFs

Media Resources

Media Images from the Human Connectome Project WU-Minn Consortium

Other Resources

LONI to XNAT - API Reference

List of CIFTI-compliant tools

Ramifications of Image Reconstruction Version Differences

Read Me - Abdollahi et al Neuroimage 2014

Scaling differences across 3T and 7T Scanners at UMinn WashU Mt. Sinai