Anyone interested may join the public HCP-Users (discussion forum for all things HCP) or HCP-Announce (no-reply announcement list) Google groups hosted at:



You may have been signed up for one or both of these Google groups by filling out the form on long ago or more recently. If you did, we migrated your account from Mailman (our old listserve) and you will still receive messages from both lists and can still post to HCP-Users, depending on which list(s) you are subscribed to.

However, if you did not subscribe to the list(s) with a Gmail account, you will need to set up a Google account for the email you subscribed to the list with (often your institutional email rather than a Gmail account) for you to be able to see HCP-Users or HCP-Announce listed as "My Groups" in the Google Groups UI or change your list settings (e.g. digest vs. messages as they are sent).

Below are steps to create a Google account with a non-Gmail email address to enable these account settings. In addition, you can find the steps for managing subscriptions. 

If you have questions, please feel free to email Jenn Elam at

Table of Contents

Creating an account with a non-Gmail email address

Go to: hcp-users home or hcp-announce home

Click 'Sign In'

Click "Create account' and select 'For myself'

If you prefer to receive your HCP-Users or HCP-Announce messages at a non-Gmail email address:

Click 'Use my current email address instead'

Enter a non-Gmail email address on the text box (Your email address) plus your first/last name and password.

Google will send a verification code to the provided email. Open the email and copy/paste the verification code and then click 'Verify'.

Joining a group

Once you have a Google account attached to your desired email address for receiving messages and have signed in, you can join each group with that email address/Google account.

Go to: hcp-users home or hcp-announce home

Click on the 'Join group' button. 

Changing membership settings

Go to: hcp-users home or hcp-announce home

Sign in with your Google account-linked email that is subscribed to the list(s).

To manage your subscription and messages click on 'My groups'

To control how often to receive the messages click on 'Every new message' and select your desired option.

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