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  1. Click the "Upload Coded IDs Into Subject Key" button on the Subject Key report page.

  2. Create a simple spreadsheet associating your Coded IDs with the original HCP Subject IDs, and save it as a CSV file. We recommend adding your Subject IDs and Coded IDs to the template file available to download.

  3. Upload your spreadsheet. Any errors found in your file will be identified and reported to you before your data is saved.

  4. Click "Save your Coded IDs to your Subject Key".


Warning for first-time users!
Due to a known issue in ConnectomeDB, the first time that you attempt to upload a CSV file to your Subject Key, you may receive an error screen that incorrectly states that you do not have permission to continue. If this happens, navigate back to the home page, log out, then log back in. You will be able to find your Subject Key on the dataset home page and continue the process from Step 8.