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To compile this list, we search PubMed for “Human Connectome Project” OR WU-Minn HCP Grant number: “MH091657”, and manually take out publications that do not specifically use the WU-Minn data or methods.  We also manually add any publications that are directly sent to us and meet the "use WU-Minn HCP data" criteria-- these cases are marked with asterisks ( ** ) in the list.

A current list using this search criteria can be found on PubMed:

In PMID order, latest PMID on top; numbered in reverse order.


1. Wig GS, Laumann TO, Petersen SE. An approach for parcellating human cortical areas using resting-state correlations. Neuroimage. 2014 Jun; 93 Pt 2:276-91. PMID: 23876247 

69 Independent Investigator (non-HCP) publications using HCP data/methods (as of Feb 11, 2016).