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Comment: note that normalizing is optional in FAQ 3


Because the HCP rfMRI data was collected in 4 runs, you may want to 1) demean and optionally normalize the individual timeseries, then 2) concatenate them, before you do the correlation step.

To do thatboth demean and normalize, use these commands in wb_command (to only demean, remove the parts that refer to stdev):

wb_command -cifti-reduce <input> MEAN mean.dtseries.nii
wb_command -cifti-reduce <input> STDEV stdev.dtseries.nii
wb_command -cifti-math '(x - mean) / stdev' <output> -fixnan 0 -var x <input> -var mean mean.dtseries.nii -select 1 1 -repeat -var stdev stdev.dtseries.nii -select 1 1 -repeat
wb_command -cifti-merge out.dtseries.nii -cifti first.dtseries.nii -cifti second.dtseries.nii -cifti third.dtseries.nii -cifti fourth.dtseries.nii