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When setting up Higher-level analysis of volume data in the FEAT GUI, choose that "Inputs are lower-level FEAT directories". Under "Select FEAT directories", for each participant in your group analysis, enter the paths to the .feat directories for the specific lower-level cope of interest (e.g., /myCinaB/100307/MNINonLinear/Results/tfMRI_WM/tfMRI_WM_hp200_s4_level2vol.feat/cope11.feat). If See Task fMRI Contrasts if you need to find the names of the contrasts, they are . The contrast names are also stored in the lower-level fsf file (e.g., grep name_orig /myCinaB/100307/MNINonLinear/Results/tfMRI_WM_RL/tfMRI_WM_RL_hp200_s4_level1.fsf) . Our apologies for the inconvenient location where these were storedfor grayordinates task packages.

Scan or Individual Level Analysis (Levels 1 and 2)