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  1. If the first pass repeats the message "UDR ERROR: Cannot connect to server at", you your network firewall is blocking the connection to download the course VM.   You will need to request your IT department allow outbound connections for TCP and UDP ports 9000-9100.
  2. If the first pass of the stub VM fails, roll back to the snapshot taken in step 4 and proceed with step 5 again.
  3. Login to the Course machine as in 10., above
  4. Click the "Start/Reset/Archive Course" terminal icon. Type 2 to choose "2) Reset the course"
  5. The screen should say "COURSE HAS NOT STARTED Sync not yet complete"
  6. The VM should automatically restart syncing and the screen should update to say: "UPDATING Course - PLEASE WAIT: X% copied" 
  7. When the download is complete follow the above directions from 9. onward.