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Minor Issues & Updates

    • 2/12/2021: Some variable names in the “Expanded FreeSurfer Data” are mislabelled as left hemisphere values rather than right hemisphere values

      The following variables appear twice (duplicate):








      For each of these, the “duplicate” appears in the position where the value for the “R” side value should be located and comparing actual values against the aseg.stats, indicates that the values in the columns that should be “R” are indeed from the right side, so the error appears to be solely in the column labels for those columns.

      Planned Fix: The column labels for these Expanded FreeSurfer Data variables will be reset to "R" versions.

    • Retest 341834 rfMRI_REST1_RL missing FIX results

      FIX processing for the rfMRI_REST1_RL RETEST run of subject 341834 was never successfully completed so this data is not available in the release.

      No planned FixDue to other priorities, we will not be generating this data. Users needing this data can run the HCP FIX pipeline on the functional processing results.
    • Bug affecting lh.curv.pial and rh.curv.pial in Structural Extended Packages

      In version 3.4.1 of the HCPpipelines (used to process the structural data for HCP-YA S1200 release), there was a bug in the script that caused the lh.curv.pial and rh.curv.pial files (curvature of the pial surface) to be written out incorrectly. Therefore those two files should not be used.

      Instead, use the {lh,rh}.curv.pial.T2.two files that are also contained in the {Subject_ID}/T1w/{Subject_ID}/surf directory of the “Structural Extended Packages” 

      No planned Fix. Due to the minor nature of the bug, that it can be easily worked around, and the age of ConnectomeDB, we do not plan to fix this in the released data.

    • Missing tfMRI_WM_RL preprocessing files for Subject 668361