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The WU-Minn Human Connectome Project (HCP) releases imaging data from subjects on a regular basis. Details on what data is included in each release are available in the Reference Manual for that release on the HCP documentation page.  On this wiki page, we document known special cases in the data collected between releases. This data has not yet been released, so this page acts a placeholder for issues/features of certain subject data that will persist even after processing and release. When a release containing a subject noted here occurs, all the information documented here for that subject will be moved to the appropriate section of the HCP Data Release Updates: Known Issues and Planned fixes page.

Post 500 Subjects Release (post June 6, 2014)


Defacing versions - Subjects with v2 defacing algorithm applied 
Defacing is performed on all HCP scans to ensure anonymity of subjects. When structural QC is performed, correct defacing is checked. In a limited number of cases, the original version 1 of the defacing algorithm (Milchenko and Marcus, 2013) did not deface the images sufficiently so an updated version 2 defacing was performed. Here are the subjects to which v2 defacing was applied:


Contact Dan Marcus at dmarcus@WUSTL.EDU for questions on details and differences between the two defacing algorithm versions.

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