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Welcome to the HCP Wiki

This wiki is being used by the consortium to capture internal discussions, collaborations inside and outside the consortium, and the development of consensus on key topics.

How To Find Content

  • Discussion topics are organized into broad categories (highlighted in the tabbed menus above) with spaces within each category. These categories and spaces are listed at the left.
  • If you are particularly active and/or interested in a discussion topic, you can "Follow" all updates in that space.
  • The search box at the upper right is very useful for finding specific topics and/or pages.
  • When reading content, you may find it helpful to hide the left sidebar by clicking a "hide sidebar" icon in the upper right.

How To Add Content

  • Navigate to the space you want your content to live in, and click the "New > Page" button at upper left.
    • Note: "Blog posts" are used only for news announcements in this wiki.
  • Content can be moved from space to space if you are concerned about not knowing where to put something. We want to encourage you to post.


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